Ryukyu Chinese Restaurant, 「Ryuku Shintenchi」 revisits the roots of Ryukyuan cuisine: the authentic Chinese cuisine from China and Taiwan, the Peranakan cuisine that developed on the foundation of Chinese cuisine in Singapore and Malaysia, and the Japanese-based Satsuma cuisine that has taken root in Kagoshima Prefecture and the Amami Islands. Attuned to the culture and times of Ryukyuan cuisine that possesses these three different backgrounds, we offer a novel culinary experience that satisfies the five senses of the people living in today’s society.


「Tracing the Roots of Ryukyuan Cuisine, Bringing Innovation from Tradition」

A new style of Ryukyuan Chinese — both in its presentation and taste — is captured on our plates as we combine the traditional Okinawan cuisine made with the ingredients and seasonings of Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, with the Chinese and Satsuma flavors that make Ryukyu’s roots.

Sit back and enjoy a wide variety of dishes from a lineup of familiar staples to creative dishes.


An ambience as though you have wandered off into some exotic land Diners can enjoy an extraordinary experience in the spacious, high-ceiling environment of the restaurant, which features bright oriental chandeliers and a gate that incorporates a linear Chinese lattice pattern created by combining hooked crosses.