• 2021.05.25


    In response to the government’s declaration of a state of emergency, please note that our business hours are changed as follows.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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“Ryukyu Shintenchi” is a fusion restaurant that combines the roots of traditional Ryukyu cuisine with a fresh new feeling.
This is an expression of the unique food culture and local cuisine of the Okinawan islands, which have evolved and developed, based not only on a historical background with China and with Satsuma in Kyushu, but also on trade with Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and the lands of the East China Sea.


「Tracing the Roots of Ryukyuan Cuisine, Bringing Innovation from Tradition」

Ryukyu Shintenchi offers a wide range of dishes, including authentic Chinese cuisine from China and Taiwan, which constitutes the roots of Ryukyu cuisine, Southeast Asian cuisine developed in Singapore and Malaysia on Chinese models, Kyushu (Japanese) cuisine including, among others, ingredients and soup stock that were introduced during the strengthening of the relationship with Satsuma, and a unique Ryukyu cuisine that combines all of these influences.
“Ryukyu Shintenchi” is a restaurant that allows you to enjoy fusion cuisine with a new, fresh feeling, based on the concept of cuisine that has evolved through exchanges with various countries that form the historical background of Ryukyu cuisine.


An ambience as though you have wandered off into some exotic land Diners can enjoy an extraordinary experience in the spacious, high-ceiling environment of the restaurant, which features bright oriental chandeliers and a gate that incorporates a linear Chinese lattice pattern created by combining hooked crosses.