Your Time at the Restaurant

Wishing your time at Ryukyu Shintenchi becomes an unforgettable memory from your trip. We will assist you in so doing with our smiles and the island hospitality.

Our Commitment to the Food

Once the Ishigaki beef coated in the spicy Mala sauce has been savored, enjoy the remaining sauce by adding the white broth to it. This spectacularly delicious sauce makes you imagine it being infinitely (mugen) enjoyable, hence the name “mugen sauce.” From dishes with gentle flavors, to those with a subtle kick. We offer a wide-ranging menu so every guest can enjoy our dishes.

Plates and Drinking Vessels

Our food is served on specially selected Chinoiserie plates, offering a uniquely Shintenchi character that merges the Chinese with the Western. The repetition of simple geometric patterns that bring a prominent presence to the plates further enhance the appetizing qualities of Ryukyuan Chinese.


Anniversaries, important banquets, parties, etc. We offer course meals through which guests can savor Ryukyu Shintenchi’s concepts, meeting the needs of gatherings from luncheon parties to small-group banquets. There are also semi-private rooms in partitioned spaces, so guests with small children can enjoy a leisurely dining experience as well.

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